About Me

Eve Barton

I have been licensed in the state of Texas for twenty-seven years as a Professional Counselor; My Education: Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from the University of Texas at Austin, and M.Ed., Masters in Educational Counseling from Texas State University in San Marcos, where I taught psychology courses in “Personality Research/Dynamics”; My focus in my education has been Jung/Analytical Psychology, “The Psyche Tends Towards Wholeness”.


Because my philosophy is holistic, I am trained in a number of cognitive/behavioral approaches, both transpersonal and solution-focused. I believe that Individuals and couples can learn how faulty thinking with subsequent emotions do not allow them to be well. They can re-frame their thoughts, and they can replace these thoughts with constructive understanding, which, in turn, facilitates the healing process. Awareness is when we are noticing our emotions, making better choices on how we take action; “Reflection & Attunement”.


My Professional Services:

I provide Individual, Couples, and Family Counseling; Psychological Assessments; Parenting Support; Grief Work; Career and Stress Management; Conflict Resolution.


My Mission:
I use an integrative approach with my clients. I would like to unmask your potential to a life you can celebrate. My counseling is a confidential process designed to address your concerns, and for you to come to a greater understanding of yourself.  It involves a counseling relationship with the desire and willingness to work for accomplishing your goals.