What We Do?

I am a psychotherapist and a Jungian analyst with over 27 years experience. The scope of my practice includes on-going analysis, as well as supportive counseling with adults related to career and relationship concerns.


My Private Practice is located above the Colorado River in a peaceful countryside setting, providing Clinical Counseling Services, free Consultation & Referral, Music Education, Therapeutic Support Groups, and Jungian Dream Analysis.


Shadow Work and Anima/Animus Therapy Sessions are provided to patients who have previously worked with me in Dream Analysis.


My office is also available to the surrounding community of Bastrop to provide Community Socials, including free Songwriting Lessons, and Mindfulness Meditation groups.

About Me

Eve Barton

I have been licensed in the state of Texas for twenty-seven years as a Professional Counselor; My Education:

Jungian Psychotherapy Concepts

Carl Jung created the concept of active imagination as a way to describe bridging the gap between unconsciousness and consciousness. Using imagination, fantasy, dreams and meditation, a client is able bring their unconscious into the present through narrative or action. Active imagination relies on a client’s undirected observation of their imagination or dreams, not an intended image of their desires.