Masks (A Poem By Eve Barton)

(A Poem by Eve Barton)


Wanting to go beyond the mask longer . . To marvel at the fibers beneath the paint


Gleaming eyes search for signs we are stronger . . . With Time, our past selves begin to grow faint


Glimpsing in the mirror at the images we ask .  . . Is it the same with most fellows?


Looking beyond the shadows in the crevices of the mask . . . Loving as each heart mellows

3 responses to “Masks (A Poem By Eve Barton)”

  1. Scott Blanchard says:

    This is a beautiful poem, do you believe we all wear masks?

  2. Georgeanne says:

    We all wear masks, but we can integrate ourselves. We take them off when we feel safe.

  3. Eve Barton says:

    To “Whom are you speaking?” Communication can be interesting with an alternate anima or animus; I would like to get to know the one person, the integrated “you”.

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