Masks (A Poem By Eve Barton)

(A Poem by Eve Barton)



Wanting to go beyond the mask longer . . .

To marvel at the fibers beneath the paint


Gleaming eyes search for signs we are stronger

With Time, our past selves begin to grow faint . . .


Glimpsing in the mirror at the images we ask,

Is it the same with most fellows?


Looking beyond the shadows in the crevices of the mask

Loving as each heart mellows

3 responses to “Masks (A Poem By Eve Barton)”

  1. Scott Blanchard says:

    This is a beautiful poem, do you believe we all wear masks?

  2. Georgeanne says:

    We all wear masks, but we can integrate ourselves. We take them off when we feel safe.

  3. Eve Barton says:

    To “Whom are you speaking?” Communication can be interesting with an alternate anima or animus; I would like to get to know the one person, the integrated “you”.

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